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Recensione ( in english) di Clash of Empires

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1Recensione ( in english) di Clash of Empires Empty Recensione ( in english) di Clash of Empires il Ven Giu 03, 2011 2:53 pm

- Su ARMATI Yahoo qualcuno ha chiesto dei pareri sul regolamento " Clash of Empires "; ecco la recensione, postata da un altro Armattiono, in cui si descrive e si dà un giudizio su questo regolamento,e, naturalmente, per farsi meglio capire, lo si confronta con Armati ( e con WAB ) .

We've played 2 games. The 1st was Romans vs. Successor Macedonians, the 2nd was NKE vs. Hittites.

The game doesn't compare that much to Armati but is a cleaned up and slightly simplified WAB. It certainly plays faster than WAB and the rules seem to be much better organized. In both battles I was a bit frustrated by rolling 20+ D6s and Killing 0 to 3 figures. That's what you should expect with average dice rolling.

The units are bigger than Armati units, for the chariots much bigger, 3 to 8 chariots per unit (with 6 or so being optimal) vs. 2. Infantry units ranged from about the same size to twice as large or more.

The battles seem to be fights of attrition usually but skirmish units are very fragile as are chariots when hit by infantry. Versus other chariots you're back to a battle of attrition. This makes flanking difficult because even weaker units can delay a flanking force for a long time (especially if its infantry delaying cav.

The chariot armies in particular seem to need a much larger playing area unless you wanted them to sit there and shoot at each other until and infantry unit walks up and kills them.
The Romans and Greeks played much better.

The game plays much slower than Armati but somewhat faster than WAB. My group won't be getting many games done in the 3 hours we have to play with 2500 point armies (the recommended size). In the chariot game it was pretty clear who was going to win but with the Roman/Mac. fight we were just getting to the crucial stage of the battle when we ran out of time.

As a person who is not particularly fond of WAB, I liked CoE much better than that game but not nearly as much as Armati.


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2Recensione ( in english) di Clash of Empires Empty re il Sab Giu 04, 2011 6:25 am

Si ma il succo del discorso in ITALICOOOOOOOOOO qual'è??????

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- ma è un inglese da caserma, di caserma di Armati !

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Caro amico mio........devi sapere che non ho la Moglie in ZOC e nemmeno in LOS e allora mi risulta difficile qualunque linguaggio diverso dall'italico.

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- il mio prof. di inglese alla medie aveva imparato la lingua come PoW, nel campo di prigionia in India....

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voi due siete pazzi...

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