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Would you have an objection if we standardized the lists for this campaign?
Because II has no gunpowder rules and AA has the old point system I have rewrote lists for late XV century. I intend to send them to Mark Grindlay so he can check my math and then I'll post him.

I also have been in touch with Arty Conliffe, and we think we have come up with a way to carry out rearguard actions.

Quello che Steve propone è di testare le nuove liste per il rinascimento e credo anche le nuove regole.
Come alcuni sanno Armati in origine prevedeva anche le liste e le regole fino all ECV e guerra dei 30anni, con il nuovo armati 2 i due periodi sono stati scissi dal resto delle liste in previsione di un regolamento a parte, ma ormai da svariati anni il tutto si è arenato.
Mi è stata ventilata la proposta in occasione della campagna di ripartire con il progetto originale e credo che sia interesse di tutti aderire alla proposta di Steven.....dopotutto è una occasione per dire la nostra sul futuro Armati Reinassance.......che dire con questo ambizioso progettino di campagna stiamo dando un grande impulso alla ripartenza dei lavori.

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2ARMATI REINASSANCE Empty Re: ARMATI REINASSANCE il Gio Set 15, 2011 9:11 am

... allora direi AVANTI TUTTA!!!!! bounce bounce bounce

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3ARMATI REINASSANCE Empty Considerazioni il Dom Set 18, 2011 5:40 am

Steve: The problem is when Cliff Castle wrote the Ren lists for A one, he broke the Italian Wars into two parts. Early and Later. But each of these covered a 25 year period. And the Italian condottiere list was worse covering 300 years.

When AA came out, the authors followed the same convention.
But, the Spanish army in 1494 was not the same army that was at Garigliano in 1502. Yet the list makes it the same.

Also, pikes were not in universal use in the Italian states, like the lists indicate, in 1495 there is one state mentioned with pikes, and it was a garrison, so it would be highly unlikely it was confident to take the field. It was a copy of Maximillian’s Lansquents in the service of Moro who took part of the siege of Novara (1495)
The Italians were very impressed by these Swabians and their drill, and several Contractors like Vitelli took notice. However, the Lansquents were not equal to the Swiss as the First Swabian War proved.

What I attempted to do, was give a “flavor” of each “state” with their troop mix.

States like Venice and Naples because they both fought against Turkish encroachment, their armies were quite different, when compared to let’s say Florence . These differences are quite apparent when even compared to the Papal States’ army, Naples ’ neighbor.

Finally, the French. Castle never liked the French Gendarmes, making them the equivalent of all other states’ Gendarmes and Nobles.
This was not the case. The Gendarmes at Fornovo were disciplined, able to wheel and charge without breaking up their formation when even about to be taken in the flank. However in a 25 year period 1494-1519 they were a blip on the period’s radar and not worth signaling out.

In this case we have a specific slice of history 1494-1499 so we can fine tune the armies to approximate that time, and confer those advantages and disadvantages
of each that they had during that short time.

Stephen Phenow

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