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Scenario a punti

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1Scenario a punti Empty Scenario a punti Ven Mar 28, 2014 5:57 pm



from U.S.A.:
" In order to adapt the game to use fleet lists, I needed to first find a method to assign points values to the ships.
As a test, I calculated the points values for the standard ships and captains as they appeared in Dreadfleet, hoping to find my values showing the fleets are relatively balanced but with the Grand Alliance having the edge.
(Note that the game features twice as many Fate cards that favour the Dreadfleet to compensate for their disadvantage).
I was pleasantly surprised by the results:
Grand Alliance:
Heldenhammer 590 pts
Swordfysh 260 pts
Grimnir's Thunder 345 pts
Flaming Scimitar 200 pts
Seadrake 600 pts
Bloody Reaver 745 pts
Curse of Zandri 315 pts
Black Kraken 225 pts
Skabrus 170 pts
Shadewraith 415 pts

Games Workshop uses algorithms to determine a rough points values then conducts play testing to arrive at the final figure.
Note that I’ve used a formula, developed based on the probabilities involved and my own experience.
I’ve NOT play tested the scores, they will likely require some adjustment.
Other limitations are that I have not adjusted for Fate as I don’t intend to use Fate for games outside the Galleon’s Graveyard.

Keep reading if you are interested in some of the detail of the calculations.

Without going into it too much, I determined a figure that accounts for range, boarding and duelling damage, adjusting to reflect the worth of all special abilities.
I then used a ‘right place’ idea that awarding a manoeuvre score based on speed scaled down proportionally to handling (50%; 35%; 20%; for 5; 4; 3 handling or less, respectively).
The ‘right place’ score was then used to scale down the sum of all the damage scores, based on the Seadrake not being scaled down due to its superior manoeuvrability, to arrive at an Offence value.
Then, hull and crew were summed to give a durability score, also adjusted for special abilities.
Offence was multiplied by durability, then scaled according to the important command characteristic.
Finally, I adjusted and rounded all points values so that the complete Grand Alliance fleet was worth around a satisfying 2000 pts.
There are limitations to this model but I was pleasantly surprised that the two fleets both added up to almost the same value, with the Grand Alliance having the slight edge that I knew that they had.
I believe that these values are a good starting point for verification by play testing.
I was also surprised by some of the individual scores.
I didn’t realise initially just how good the Seadrake is. The Seadrake’s flying auxillaries and ability to inflict only crew damage can make it devastating if used well.
The Skabrus’ cheap price is arguable, I only scaled its broadside value up based on it firing at 5+ armoured targets. (It's more effective against Grimnir's Thunder for example, so probably should go up slightly).

Next, I intend to update my spreadsheet so that I can start tinkering to make new ships and Captains.
I hope Warhammer admirals find this useful.

Comments and discussion welcome."

Prendendo spunto da queste considerazioni trovate su un forum specifico americano, abbiamo provato a costruire uno scenario a punti.
Queste le due flotte:
Grande Alleance
Heldenhammer + Seadrake
(1190 pts)
Bloody Reaver + Shadewraith
(1160 pts)

Scenario a punti Dreadf10

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