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BattleTech/Science Fiction

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1BattleTech/Science Fiction Empty BattleTech/Science Fiction Lun Giu 23, 2014 7:42 pm


Holla, Amici,

nowhere at the forum is a Register for Science Fiction. So, I think, this point is - for this time - good under Fantasy.
On sunday, my son Lukas and me, we had a small battle (ca. 3 hours) in BattleTech. I am not shure, if anybody in Italy knows something about BattleTech. In the USA, GB, France, Austria, the scandinavian Countries, BattleTech is wellknown. BattleTech is driving on two roads: a serial of novells, I think, i have roundabout 75 books here, and a tabletop, based on the scenario from the novells.
The scenario is: in the year 2500 the men will have conquered a great part of our galaxy. It is called the star-federation. After a revolution and a civil war, the star-federation breaks into five big successor-states. They are allways fighting for the supremacy over all from men settled starsystems. The most important weapon are the BattleMechs, up to 12 meters high combat-robots from a weight from 20 to 100 tons. In every BattleMech is sitting one pilot, for steering and acting with the weaponsystems. The tabletop is not new, my starterbox is from 1991.
I am a fan of the "lyranian Commonwealth". Lukas is playing the "Confederation of Capella". Matt is a supporter of the "Draconis Kombine".

And here some Pictures, the commentarios are all in german, sorry.

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