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Venexia Figures

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1Venexia Figures Empty Venexia Figures Mer Apr 27, 2011 10:41 am


Ciao, Amici,

a short question: some wargamers in germany are fans of figures of Legio heroice and Venexia, there first the renaissance-sets. Now, I have a Impetus-Starter-Set of Filistei from Venexia. It was very bad. Broken Arms, mistakes at the legs of the horses, incomplete weapons. I have my doubt with the quality of Venexia. Is this true, or was it only bad luck for me? The postage-prices of the italian post are a Horror, and the figures are not so cheap, that I can say, o.k. forget it.
Whats your experience?

2Venexia Figures Empty Re: Venexia Figures Mer Apr 27, 2011 1:29 pm



- I bought some Impetus army packs for my Seljuks and I was satisfied. I bought them by the conventions which Mr. Venexia was partecipating in.

- If / When you come in some Convention in North Italy, I think you may buy and give the failed pieces back.

- But it is better you write to Venexia and explain the problem.

- greeting

- Talbot

3Venexia Figures Empty re Mer Apr 27, 2011 6:11 pm

Il Giglio

I am sorry for this bad experience you had, but so far it did not occur anything of that sort to me. If you made me a list of your defective pieces, I could contact vendor for a possible replacement.

As far as postage service in Italy is concerned, I do agree that they are absolutely a “legalized theft” and we are ashamed of it. Regarding miniatures cost, well I would say it’s an average level pricing.

4Venexia Figures Empty Re: Venexia Figures Gio Apr 28, 2011 6:50 am


Good morning!
Now, the incident is not so bad! It is always possible that something goes wrong. I hold it with the figures as with the restaurant: if at my first visit the meal was not good, I come after a while again. If it is then still bad, I come never more.
I could use most of the damaged or incomplete figures. One of the one-arm per example I made the banner carrier Goliaths. If it folds with the September date, then I bring along my Filistei. What is to be praised much are the chariots! At most manufacturers they are either too large or too small. At Venexia the relationship Chariot/horse/Warrior is almost optimal, and also the connection from the wagon to the horses is well solved. I will create, as if my last Armatiarmy (sometime conclusion must be), Egyptians to set up. If Venexia has there something pretty, I take it!

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