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1 POOR BLOODY INFANTRY il Dom Apr 14, 2013 4:28 pm

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2 Re: POOR BLOODY INFANTRY il Ven Mag 10, 2013 4:54 pm

Buona Sera, Amici,

at the Model Expo in Verona my son Lukas has convinced me, to start with World War II. We were thinking about the right rules. We test the Schützengruppe from Camelot Games and Maurizio tells us, he needs Crossfire. In the last, our choice was Poor Bloody Infantry (PBI).
PBI is a game in company level. In PBI is no measurement needed. The playground is divided in sections (quadrati)of 15x15cm. The action runs between the miniatures from section to section. Here is a link for gratis quick-start-rules:
For fighting seconda guerra mondiale I prefere Germans (Tedesci).che altro?
Lukas builds up US-Americans. My friend Matt have from Flames of War Inglesi, ottava Essercito, Africa del Norte, and Jojo, a Friend of Lukas was thinking about russiani or francesi (french).
We create our armies in 1/72 => 20mm Plastic. My miniatures are from Airfix and Italeri. At last, two links for looking to the miniatures and the terreno.

And pictures of our first testing game, without heavy weapons and buildings of LEGO.

For the first time we are thinking for szenarios of Libya (Rommel & Cavallero contra Inglesi), Tunesia (1942-1943) Sicilia 1943 and Italia 1944 (Monte Cassino, Anzio-Nettuno).

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