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un castello piccolo per DBA

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1un castello piccolo per DBA Empty un castello piccolo per DBA il Dom Set 11, 2011 12:11 pm


In the last two days I created a small Fortress for DBA or, maybe, for Impetus.
See here:

translation for the text:
After a longer time I am here again which some news: after my coastal battlefield for DBA 15mm I had some more time and energy, and also material, which almost cried according to a new regulation. So I built a BUA, actually a fortress tower, for DBA in 15mm. Maybe it can be used also for Impetus or a Armati scenario.
The material was constituted quickly, and/or already available. The principal item, the tower, is over 30 years old. It is from an old building set from Faller for model railways. My children got the remainder of the old ruin approximately one year ago into the fingers and carried it in the plastics Nirwana. The hill is a part of my tinkered DBA area, a steep hill, which found use rarely however because of its admitted ugliness. Basis for everything is a MDF plate, which I sawed from an old cabinet back. Hazelnut sticks for the Pallisade and the pebbles are from my garden.
The wonder of architecture from the left side. First I wanted to fix the hill on the MDF plate, but to my astonishment the Patex-glue began to dissolve the Styrodur! Thus I have taken the good old Ponal, in hope that it will work. E voila, it folded! On the top of the hill I stuck the tower.
At the the model Kill Action of my children also all necessary Assesoires were lost, including the stairs which lead to the tower gate. So I rammed simply two Sticks for teeth into the hill, with the correct length and fixed them finally with a drop of glue, for all cases. Then I took off a small piece of veneer and cut it to the correct size. From this I made the ramp, the step in front of the dore and the Dore of the tower. The stages/footsteps are match parts. I have the bushes from earlier actions. Then were the pebbles glued on, after the wishes of my smallest daughter. In the end I pulled a thick circle with Moltofill around the hills base. Into this were setted the hazelnutsticks.
I had cut those before in the garden. Lukas shortened and then halved it into more or less unequal pieces. Three longer Sticks formed the gate. Now I must still consider what way I will keep the base of the Pallisade greene, so that it dont look so "unnaturally".

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- wie Hübsch !un castello piccolo per DBA Applau11

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