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1Battaglie/Battles Empty Battaglie/Battles Mar Ott 25, 2011 10:17 am

Il Giglio

Somewhere in Savoy(by L.A. Armati)

Savoy order of Battle

Control H;4 L;3 BP-2 Init 5


Captain General Joseph Necchio

1-KN (d) (Familia Ducale)^ 6[2]0 +3 Lances

2-MAA (d) (Lanze Spezzate)^ 5[1]0 +2 Lances

2-FT (Militia) ^ 4[1]1 +1 Polearms

1-FT (mercenaries)^ 5[1]1 + 1 Polearms

1-SI (militia) 2[1]1 +2 Crossbow

Bonus Units (Mercenaries) (42 points)

2-LHI (Mercenaries) 2[1]1 +1 crossbow (Cool

2 LHI (mercenaries) 4[1]2 +1 swords (12)

3-SI (militia) 2[1]1 +2 Crossbow (6)

1 SK (Harquebusiers) 2[1]1 +1 (2)

1-LC (Mtd Xbow) ^ 2[0] 0 +1 (Cool

1 LA (light Art) 2[1]1 +1 (6)


The Confederation of Alpiners

Control H;5 L;3 BP-5 Init 5

CORE (Vorhut)

Headsman Christan Strongger

3 FT (Bergsteiger) ^ 8[5]1 +1 Pikes

1-LC (Mtd Xbow) ^ 2[0] 0 +1 Crossbow

1 SI (Ballermänner) 2[0] 0 +1 Crossbow

Bonus (Gewaltschaufen, Nachhut) 110 points

1 LC (Italian) 2[0]0^ +1 Crossbow (Cool

5 FT (Bergsteiger) 8[5]1^ +1 Pikes (85)

2 SI (Ballermänner) 2[1]1 +2 Crossbow (4)

1 SI (Handkanonier) 2[1]1 +2 Arquebus (2)

1 LA (light Art) 2[1]1 +1 (6)


Battle Plans


Develop the enemy numbers, fall back to join our second army. Strip away the light shot, then concentrate firing on the Swiss pikemen.

Swiss: The Swiss are a no nonsense army. Advance in echelon at high speed. Kill anything in front of you.
Focus on enemy elite....damned oppressive nobles!



Facing North:

Left Wing:

1 H Division

Captain General Joseph Necchio

1-KN (d) (Familia Ducale)^ 6[2]0 +3 Lances

1 H Division

1-MAA (d) (Lanze Spezzate)^ 5[1]0 +2 Lances

1 HD

1-MAA (d) (Lanze Spezzate)^ 5[1]0 +2 Lance
1 L Division

2-LHI (Mercenaries) 2[1]1 +1 crossbow

2 LHI (mercenaries) 4[1]2 +1 swords


1 HD

2-FT (Militia) ^ 4[1]1 +1 Polearms

1-FT (mercenaries)^ 5[1]1 + 1 Polearms

1 LD

2 LHI (mercenaries) 4[1]2 +1 swords

3-SI (militia) 2[1]1 +2 Crossbow

1-SI (militia) 2[1]1 +2 Crossbow

1 LA

Right Wing:

1 LD

1 SK (Harquebusiers) 2[1]1 +1

1-LC (Mtd Xbow) ^ 2[0] 0 +1



Right Wing

1 HD

2 FT (Bergsteiger) ^ 8[5]1 +1 Pikes

1 LD
1-LC (Mtd Xbow) ^ 2[0] 0 +1 Crossbow

1 SI (Ballermänner) 2[0] 0 +1 Crossbow


Christian Strongger

1 HD

2FT (Bergsteiger) 8[5]1^ +1 Pikes

1 HD
2FT (Bergsteiger) 8[5]1^ +1 Pikes

1 LD

2 SI (Ballermänner) 2[1]1 +2 Crossbow (4)

1 SI (Handkanonier) 2[1]1 +2 Arquebus (2)

1 LA (light Art) 2[1]1 +1 (6)

Left Wing

1 HD

2FT (Bergsteiger) 8[5]1^

1 LD

1 LC (Italian) 2[0]0^ +1 Crossbow (Cool

First Turn Armies deployed just out of bowshot. No-fire

Swiss won initiative. All advance.

Savoy: Center foot about face.

Right wing: Two HD about face. One HD (MAA ) great wheel facing center.

Rest not move.

Second turn

Firing 1 hit on Swiss right wing Xbow breaks them. 1 Swiss crossbow in center is broken.

1 Savoy crossbow is broken. Savoy LC reveals they are armed with latches, -1 all ranges.

1 BP is but on Swiss Mtd. Xbow.

Swiss Center halts to allow missile fire. Right wing advances. Left wing LD halts.

Savoy Center: HD move away. Left 2 HD move away. 1 moves to center.

Third turn

Firing: Swiss LC on Left Wing breaks.

Right: 2 BPs are put on one swiss Kiel

Center: Gun breaks Swiss crossbow. 1 BP on gun.

Evade option. Center and Right Savoy LD move back 6”

Swiss Right Wing advances, Center halted deploys Gun.
Swiss Left advances. Savoy center and lets continues to move back

Fourth turn.

Firing. Center: Swiss Xbow is broken. Savoy gun is destroyed.

Right Wing: Swiss Keil takes another BP.

Left Wing No Effect

Evade option LD Center an Left wing retreat.

Swiss: Left and Right advances. Center pulls in its lights and advances.

Savoy Center MAA advances to the Right. Center and left continue the retreat.

Fifth Turn.

Firing. Kiel on Swiss right wing takes a BP. A LHI Crossbow takes a DP.

Center: Swiss Kiel takes a DP.

Left: Swiss Kiel takes a DP.

Evade Option: Swiss

Swiss evade the Mtd Xbow on the right towards center.

Savoy. Left and Center retreats. Left LHI swordsmen echleon forwards.

Swiss all advance.

Sixth Turn


Swiss Right. Left Kiel breaks.

Center. No effect

Right: 1 BP on a Kiel.

Seventh Turn

Evade Option Savoy. Center backs up 5”. Right backs up 4”

Swiss left contacts the LHI. Swiss center advances. Swiss left advances.

Savoy. Left wing crossbow AB. Split a light division. Left Hds retreat. Center HD retreat, MMA HD reaches Right flank where it wheels forwards.


Right Swiss Kiel hits swordsmen. Rolls a 1. 1st swordsmen rolls a six. Second a three.

FV 8 to 4 = +4 +1 = 9. Nine to 6. Swiss win. LHI take 3 Bps and break. Second melee No effect.

Turn Eight.

Firing: Left none. Center No effect. Right. 1 BP on a Kiel.

Evade option Savoy. Left LHI Crossbows climb hill. Center evades 9” Right LD backs up 5”

Swiss. Center advances. Right wing halts

Melee Swiss rolls a 6. 1 BP on swordsmen.


Comments: It is highly unlikely that the second swords unit would escape. It was still engaged and fatigued. So Final:

Savoy two LHI, 1 Lt Gun, two SK (Xbow.)

Swiss 1 Mtd Xbow, 1 Kiel, 2 SK (xbow) 1 SK (Arquebuse)

Time two hours 10 minutes.

Gamemaster Stephen Phenow

Il Giglio

Result: Turkish victory

Turks (Player: Minky C):
Opening Points 660
Closing Points 412

Venetians (Player: Thurlac)
Opening Points: 475
Closing Points 367

The battlefield was dominated by a hilltop village to the East.

The Turks advanced from the South with their light cavalry horde and a support unit of Qapukulu EHC behind them hoping to sweep round the Venetian flank.
The Janissaries set up in the middle. and their Balkan levies and Voynuks on the left flank.
Slightly behind the line, the Ottoman cannon drew up hoping to support the advance on the hilltop village.

The Venetians drew up their elmetti knights in the centre, flanked by pavisier crossbowmen while to the East they deployed stradiots and mounted crossbowmen.

The battle opened with a general advance.
The Balkan troops got into a battle to the West with the pavisiers which proved bloody but inconclusive for most of the battle.

In the centre the elmetti smashed into the janissaries and broke them in two turns to run into the Sipahi and the Ottoman general. A titanic struggle ensued in which the elmetti and General Cadamosto finally killed Suleiman Pasha on the penultimate turn, only to find himself facing the massed batteries of the artillery in the final turn......boom!

To the East the Stradiots performed magnificently driving back the far greater numbers of Ottoman light horse disordering them and throwing them back on those behind. A general rout ensued except for the Qapukulu who passed their morale test and thundered into the Stradiots' flank all bar eliminating them.

In the mountains, a unit of Venetian crossbowmen and mounted crossbowmen held the line against the horde of Turkoman horse archers and Janissaries handgunners. However, the hill was finally taken despite heavy casualties.

Overall the game ended with most of the Venetians withdrawing in good order largely due to morale tests for the death of the General. The Turks had received a mauling and lost their general but numbers had prevailed (well, the Turkish artillery passed its morale test for seeing the general die and the gunners didn't run giving them the chance to blast the Venetian general into atoms).

Another interesting factor was that the command units got into battle pretty swiftly but this did stop them giving orders to other troops. There was a period in the later game where both sides had exhausted units sitting, hoping that no one would notice they'd not done anything for several turns.

I've attached the Battle Chronicler file for your perusal (if you've not got Battle Chronicler: get it! It's free!)


Mike (aka Thurlac)

Il Giglio

Mark Grindlay

We played the game last night, Marco took the Swiss and I took Savoy. Michael umpired and Stuart heckled and generally interfered - in a helpful sort of a way. :-)

The battlefield featured a wood on either flank with two steep hills framing the Savoyard central deployment area.

Savoy deployed the heavy FT in one uncontrolled division in the centre, as far back as possible. Two units of MAA sat on top of the hill to the left. Two more MAA were on the right wing with two KN and the general behind them. Two units of crossbow armed LC and a light gun sat on the right hand hill between the FT and the right wing cavalry. Six crossbow armed skirmisher units screened the left of the Savoy line while two units of crossbow armed LHI and two sword and buckler armed LHI screened the right.

The Swiss deployed their FT in four blocks of 3, 3, 3 and 2 units respectively from left to right. Their light gun and a unit of LC with crossbow guarded their right flank while another unit of crossbow armed LC and a unit of MAA held the left, anchored against a wood. The four Swiss crossbow skirmishers were deployed in front of the central pike blocks.

The Swiss plan was to come to grips with the enemy as soon as possible while Savoy planned to cause maximum damage through missile fire while trying to outflank the Swiss line.

The battle commenced with the Swiss surging forward along the line while Savoy's cavalry advanced on both flanks and the missile troops in the centre moved up to close the range.

Missile fire was pretty ineffective in the early turns with only a LC unit on each side taking a hit. The Swiss advance masked their gun early on while the gunners for Savoy consistently failed to hit anything. The Swiss LC on their right rode down two enemy skirmishers before succumbing to missile fire. The Savoyard skirmishers then inflicted a few hits on the Swiss pike before being dispersed by their advance. The Swiss skirmishers did the same to the Savoyard FT before they too were dispersed by the advancing pikemen.

On the Swiss left flank the Savoyard MAA moved forward, initially screened by the LC, and charged the Swiss LC and MAA. The Swiss LC won the first round of combat in what became a protracted melee over several turns. After eventually emerging victorious the MAA, exhausted and each carrying two hits, rode off towards the Swiss table edge to recover and played no more role in the battle.

Meanwhile the left hand Swiss pike block began to wheel to counter the threat from the Savoyard KN on that flank. The next pike block in the centre crashed into one of the sword and buckler armed LHI units making short work of it. The next LHI, with crossbows, took up the fight while the remaining two LHI units caught the left hand pike block in the flank and after two rounds of combat, broke the unit it was fighting. However, the remaining two units advanced away from the combat aiming to provoke the Savoyard KN into a rash compulsory charge.

On the Savoyard left the MAA about faced and retired over the steep hill before turning to face the Swiss again. As the battle reached its climax, the Swiss right crashed into the Savoyard FT, already carrying hits from shooting and started grinding their way through them. On the Swiss right the Savoyard MAA came back over the hill and charged the smallest Swiss pike block. Although one unit was destroyed in two turns of fighting the other unit managed to flank the Swiss and break one of the two pike units. Meanwhile on the Swiss left flank the KN and LHI managed to surround the Swiss FT and after some hard fighting, broke both the units to win the game 6 - 2.

However, it was closer than that score makes it look, as two Savoyard MAA were each one hit away from breaking, as was one of the LC (counting as key) and the Savoyard FT were unlikely to survive contact with the Swiss for long. I think that we both struggled a bit with the nuances of crossbows - fire or move but not both, the various drop off and protection rules. My biggest dilemma was whether or not to have the FT as a controlled heavy division. Playing it as I did gave the KN flexibility but left the FT vulnerable to the Swiss skirmishers and pikemen.

I took a few photos, but they are pretty low quality.
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Il Giglio

Dettaglio Army list della battaglia giocata dal GiglioeilLeone club.

Ungheresi vs Turchi.
La collera di Allah è grande ,la punizione impartita all'infedele sia di monito per la cristianità tutta.....
Battaglie/Battles 2011-165

Liberata dall'assedio Ungherese la città di confine Turca ricacciati nelle proprie terre i superstiti di quello che una volta era un esercito valoroso.

Battaglie/Battles 2011-167

Hungary vs Turks. The wrath of Allah is great, the punishment given to the infidel is warning for all Christianity. Liberated by the Hungarian siege the border cities in their own lands driven Turkish survivors of what once was a valiant army.

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