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HELLENES,the first and thre best,at 60mm,king and country

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if you love greece..collect our


As member of strategos athena..EVEN you do not like to buy..please HELP US..with..1- add our site,, historical miniatures,from ANCIENT WORLD to MODERN WW2,..At your site,at LINKS..and at your national internet..COST NOTHING..2-SHARE IT..WITH YOUR FRIENDS..AT FACE BOOK..3-ADVICE,SUGGEST BE ACTIVE..WHY YOU ARE MEMBER,IF NOT SOCIALIZE ??[img]HELLENES,the first and thre best,at 60mm,king and country 22604710[/img]



- thanks for these amazing wonderful images !

- not for nothing, they are the works of Athena, Goddess of beautiful handworks.Laughing

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