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Rules for castellos/fortezzas

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1Rules for castellos/fortezzas Empty Rules for castellos/fortezzas il Mar Ott 04, 2011 6:20 pm


At the german armati-Forum was it told to me, at the Tactica rules are rules for fighting with fortezzas, castellos, or so. Is this true? Can I take this rules in a simple way for a ready made Armati-II szenario?

2Rules for castellos/fortezzas Empty Re: Rules for castellos/fortezzas il Mer Ott 05, 2011 12:23 pm


Yes Martin,
what you read is true Very Happy

But I do not know if you can use it in a scenario ARMATI2 pale

Some time ago we played the siege of Jerusalem with the TACTICA2 rules.
If you can find more information by clicking on: study study

3Rules for castellos/fortezzas Empty Re: Rules for castellos/fortezzas il Gio Ott 06, 2011 7:45 am


it is not the matter to have a fortress for a siege into a scenario. It concerns whether it is possible to use one at the periphery of a scenario. There were sufficient battles, in which the outermost edge of the flank of an army was covered by a fortress or a castle, or where a fortressed city or a castle was the rear support of the defending army. It concerns much more optical impression. But if one or more units occupies such a fortress for a scenario, for example bowshooters, then should they be able to intervene also in the fight.

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